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Hello everyone, and welcome to my shop! MeeshMosh started as a bit of a hobby for me. My mom used to make jewelry for fun and as life tends to do, other things got in the way and all her supplies just sat in a bin for a number of years. About three years ago, I decided to pick through her stuff and started making my own jewelry. What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a little business. I recently started participating in craft shows and slowly my business is starting to grow. I've also recently expanded my shop to include apparel, accessories, and home goods and decor, hoping to appeal to a wider audience. I work full time as the General Manager of a small pizza restaurant which takes up most of my time, but whatever spare time I have, I try to dedicate to my shop. I have truly put my all into this and hope you enjoy browsing through items as much as I love creating them for and sharing them with you. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my shop and all my little creations!